Gift Yourself Health…

17 December


Gift Yourself Health…

It can take a year to get rid of the damage you do in a month if you don’t have a coach to keep you on track.  My Christianne Brennan Fitness programs and coaching are guaranteed to get you to your desired shape, state of health, and well-being.

You’re not the only one inundated with holiday parties, cookies, candies, and cocktails right now.  Stay on top of your well-being in a supportive community that’s not about ‘dieting’ but rather about eating well, creating balance, nourishing your heart and soul, striving to be your best, and having daily accountability.  You will succeed.  I offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on  my programs.

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25 Minutes to Fit Program
Your challenge pack takes up to 1 week for standard delivery. Eliminate the need to pay extra for shipping and ENROLL TODAY


This package comes with 13 high intensity 25 minute DVDs appropriate for all levels of fitness, a workout calendar to optimize results, resistance band, recipes and optional meal plan, one month supply of superfoods, private community support, me as your personal coach, plus all the member benefits.

Total investment $205


P90X3 Test Group

P90X3 is not a graduate program of P90X but rather a program designed by Tony Horton to give you the same results as P90X in half the time (30 minutes).  The workouts are accessible for any level of fitness.  ENROLL TODAY


This package comes with 16 DVDs that focus on cardio, strength, balance, and speed, a calendar to utilize 4 different ways (classic, lean, mass, or doubles), and optional meal plan with recipes, one month supply of superfoods, private community support, me as your personal coach, plus all the Member benefits and you’ll be in the first ever P90X3 Test Group.


Total investment $180 discounted rate only until Dec 30th.



Shakeology HD & 5 day clean eating challenge
What if i told you that you can have the body you’ve always wanted in just 25 to 30 minutes a day, and that you’ll be well on your way by month end?  Or that simply by adding a completely natural superfood to your diet you’d start dropping weight.  Would you start today?

GET ON SHAKEOLOGY HD to be in my private member community and receive all of the member benefits.  Our next 5 day clean eating challenge starts January 6th.
Total Investment $129.95/monthly

*you can cancel at any time

Until Next Time

Coach Christianne

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