Eating For Your Metabolism

14 March
Eating For Your Metabolism!
Why it’s Important..
Read on before you blame your metabolism for all of your problems!
Our metabolisms take care of many things in the body other than just burning fat!  It helps build new cells and tissues, circulate blood and regulates body temperature to name a few. Crazy, huh? The metabolism is a very important thing!!
Calories fuel the metabolism. Too few will cause as much harm as too many.
60-70% of all of our calories that are burned during the day are burned when we are resting. Your body only needs a minimum amount of calories for it’s resting state.
Everyone’s resting calorie burn is different because everyone’s bodies are different! If you have more muscle, then you will burn more calories when you rest.
Don’t hate the messenger, but, women- our metabolisms are typically slower than mens because men typically have less body fat. Age only makes it worse if we don’t strength train. Our bodies naturally lose muscles as we age, so strength training and building muscle can keep us toned and lean!
Here is where the good news comes in…
By simply shifting your diet and exercising consistently, you can dramatically change your metabolism! (Notice I didn’t say a magic weight loss pill or diet trick….plain old healthy food and sweat!)
The key is to eat the right amount of food each day. If you don’t eat enough, your body will begin storing what food you do eat as fat in a way to protect itself. It begins storing energy which results in moodiness, difficulty concentrating and major loss of energy. Have you experienced this?? Not fun – especially for the people around you!
On the other hand, eating TOO much food results in a total disruption of the normal body processes. A large waistline is the indication of a large problem that leads to more problems.
The solution shouldn’t surprise you! A healthy diet and exercise keeps your metabolism running smoothly. A healthy metabolism works for you rather than against you. Stop blaming it for your weight – it was created to do good things, but we can’t treat it poorly and expect it to run optimally.
If you have read this information and know that you need to work towards a healthier metabolism, I would love to help! Together we can find a workout and simple nutrition (at a discount, too!) that will keep your body finely tuned and feeling great!
Until Next Time
Coach Christianne

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