10 Reasons why Fitness Instructors & Personal Trainers benefit from BeachBody

09 July

10 Reasons why Fitness Instructors & Personal Trainers benefit from BeachBody


1. Instructors love fitness: Fitness Professionals do what they do because it’s their passion. We love it and most of us are not in it for the money, but simply because it makes us feel great! Coaching is a natural extension of what you already do – just like teaching classes with Beachbody you are running small “Challenge Groups” but all online in private Facebook groups!

2. Instructors work for free: Did I just say that?! Yes I did. Let’s be honest. By the time you buy the shoes, the clothes, the music, choreography, instructor trainings, CEU’s (I could keep going) it’s a wash, right? Now you might be the exception to this rule but for most of us, this is the case. But, you know what? Who cares! We love teaching and most of us would do it for free. But just because you would doesn’t mean you have to. Coaching allows you to still teach classes but build an additional income in fitness doing exactly what you love!! Better yet, this business is built online which means physically you are giving your body a break Let’s be honest. When you are over teaching too many classes you start to go through burn out. Teach just the classes you love and give them 100%!

3. Instructors already have a network: As an Instructor, you are a motivator, a leader. You are on “a stage” every single class inspiring people to get healthy & fit! Your “posse” already wants to know what you eat, what you do for your workouts and if you have tips for them to lose the final weight. Does this sound familiar? Coaching is your own Fitness Business. And with any business you have to start with customers. In this instance, customers who are interested in losing weight, improving their health/fitness, energy, digestion etc. You are surrounded by people who already look to you as a role model for fitness and trust your opinion. Sounds like a great starting foundation to me!

4. Get in the best shape of your life: Let’s be frank again. As Instructors we tend to put all our focus on our students. Again maybe this isn’t you, but most of us tend to put our workouts on the back burner because we are teaching so many classes, have injuries or simply burn out. We are so focused on helping our students that we start to forget about ourselves, even if it is the last 5-10 lbs. Beachbody will get you in the BEST SHAPE of your life at any age!!
#1 Shakeology will change your life. You are overtraining and your body is depleted. Simply put, Shakeology will fuel your body properly and you will naturally eat less, gain energy, drop the detoxed junk out of your system and curb your cravings of carbs/sugars (because you are depleted).
#2 This will be your Business and you will want to be a walking billboard of a Success Story. Coaching will force you to put you first and gain the best YOU back with the best workouts and supplements in fitness (at discount not to mention).

5. Let’s help more people: We are driven by helping people. Right now you are making a positive impact on the people that you are coming in direct contact with – in your classes, bootcamps, training sessions, etc. That is a small number of people. How can you help MORE people? Coaching allows you to help ANYONE anywhere. Because this is an online business, you can run Challenge Groups with your Facebook Friends that live in another state or country. It’s a chance to work with people that are inspired by you, want to take class with you, but simply don’t live near you.

6. Help People find the missing link: I’m a firm believer that to truly see results you must include all aspects of Fitness: Working Out (Cardio & Strength), Eating Clean (supplements as well) and Accountability! Think about why most people are working out and still not losing weight, why the people you see in class every week still look the same but want to change? Coaching will allow you to simply help people find the missing link for them to truly see results. Are they working out but not eating right? Are they doing cardio but no resistance training? Is their diet so terrible they are tired, sluggish and don’t even know where to start? You may be giving tips right now, but imagine having real tools to truly be able to help them – tools they can gain through you!

7. Instructors can get certified to teach P90X, Insanity, PIYO, CIZE & TurboKick! And yes, Beachbody is expanding their Group Fitness Formats! This means these formats will be open for certification to teach in the gym setting!! With P90X and Insanity literally airing all day on infomercials, you have brand recognition! This is an opportunity to reach more people.  If you are going to get certified to teach these formats, why wouldn’t you be a Coach?

8. Instructors deserve to save money: As a Coach you will get a 25% discount on all products – Workouts, Shakeology & Nutritional Supplements (you are probably paying full price for some of this now at your nutritional store).

9. Instructors dream of opening their own business: Disclaimer – again maybe this isn’t you, but after working with thousands of Fitness Professionals over the years, most of them will say their #1 Goal is to open a Studio/Gym.  Coaching allows you to have your own business without the risk of starting your own from the ground up – no loan from the bank, no leaving your full time job, no debt going into opening this and definitely not the normal 2 years to pay yourself back. It’s a business “in a box”. Think of it as a “franchise” (even though it’s not). You receive everything you need to know and learn to be successful without the guesswork, including the brand names of P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire & More!

10. Instructors can make a full time income doing what they love: Most instructors work full time and teach classes on the side for fun. Not really looking at is as their “job”. But what if could do what you love and build a full time income? Beachbody is a $600 million company! The Coaching Business is a lucrative opportunity for those that are looking to go BIG. Check out the facts:

Group Fitness Instructor $32,000
Personal Trainer $42,000
Fitness Director $41,000


Emerald Rank $14 – $261,621
Ruby Rank $1,869 – $62,840
Diamond Rank $212 – $136,818
STAR DIAMOND $1,299  – $1,645,484

So there you have it…10 REASONS why you should at least look into aligning with Beachbody, how it can benefit your career and your future!

If you are interested in learning more message me at christianne728@gmail.com

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