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Do any of these statements sound familiar to you?

– Whenever I start a healthy eating or exercise program, I stick with it for a little while but then I lose my motivation and quit.
– I’m embarrassed to workout in front of others. I feel very self-conscious about my body since I have weight I need to lose.
– I don’t have time to go to the gym and their class times are not convenient for my schedule.
– I don’t have access to a gym or a good way for getting exercise.
– I have a job, family, kids, pets, school, and/or other responsibilities so I just don’t have time to workout or eat healthy.
– I just can’t seem to get my diet under control.
– I want to lose weight and eat healthier but I’m just not sure how to actually make it happen.


Well, you have come to the right place! I have the solution that is going to address these concerns that SO MANY people have. You definitely are not alone.


What is Christianne’s Challenge Group?

My Challenge Group is a comprehensive health and fitness solution that helps challengers get RESULTS. How do I know? Because the Challenge Group system is what helped ME get results that I never thought I could achieve. It incorporates four key components that work together to help YOU be successful.


The four components are the KEYS TO SUCCESS and the the reason that the Challenge Group is a PROVEN system that can get RESULTS for ANYONE who is willing to work hard and stay committed to the program.

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For your fitness program, you’ll choose from a variety of world class at-home DVD workout systems. There are programs for every fitness level and ability. You can choose one based on your level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), the amount of time you have to workout (10 minutes to 90 minutes), the type(s) of workouts you want (strength training, speed and agility, cardio, a focused body area, or a combination of all of the above). Each program comes with a complete series of DVD workouts and a calendar so you’ll know exactly what workout to do on what day. Some of them also come with some basic equipment that you’ll need to do the program. To choose your fitness program, check out the workouts page on this site.



One of the key components of nutrition that you will use during the Challenge Group is Shakeology. What is Shakeology? It is an effective way to help  you lose weight, increase your energy and be the healthiest you can possibly be. It contains more than 70 natural ingredients derived from rich, nutrient-dense whole-food sources from around the world. Shakeology is so incredibly healthy. No other single food item out there can supply you with all the nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and minerals in the amounts you need the way one delicious shake can. Shakeology truly is NUTRITION SIMPLIFIED.

Shakeology has helped thousands with the following key benefits:

– Promotes weight loss
– Curbs cravings for sugar and junk food
– Increases energy levels
– Improves digestion and regularity
– Supports your immune system
– Supports cardiovascular health
– It’s your healthiest meal of the day!

To learn more about Shakeology including nutritional information, the flavors and recipes, go to my Shakeology page.



Support is the most IMPORTANT component to your success. As part of a Challenge Group, you’ll be part of a small, exclusive group that is committed to getting healthy by participating in Beachbody workout programs and drinking Shakeology. You’ll be a part of a private forum where you will get daily support and motivation from me as well as the other participants in the program. We will do different mini-assignments which are designed to help you get focused on your goals and help you grow as a person physically, emotionally and mentally. My goal is that everyone in my Challenge Group not only sees major changes in their bodies, but also in leading more fulfilling and meaningful lives. This group is going to give you the support, motivation and accountability to be successful.



I love rewarding my participants of my Challenge Groups with prizes and rewards for being part of the group and doing the activities that are going to help you be successful. Throughout the Challenge Group, you can earn points for various activities which will qualify you to earn both individual and team awards. Why do I do this? Because people love earning prizes and I want to do everything I can to help you meet your personal goals for your health and fitness.

By participating in the BeachBody Challenge, you will also get a free T-shirt after you complete the program and post your results on the BeachBody website. This is not just a T-shirt, this is a symbol of all of the amazing work you put into the program and to achieving your goals. Every time you wear it, it will give you pride knowing that you committed to and completed your fitness program.

After you complete your program, if you post your before and after photos and measurements on the BeachBody website, this will qualify you to be entered for a $500 daily prize and larger monthly and annual prizes. BeachBody gives away thousands of dollars a year to those that fully commit and get results from their programs. This could be you!


How do I join Christianne’s Challenge Group?

Joining my Challenge Group is easy! To join you’ll need to purchase a Challenge Pack through the “Take The Challenge” button below, which includes a complete at-home DVD workout system and a 30-day supply of Shakeology in the flavor of your choice. You can view information on all of the Challenge Packs on the workouts page. If you have any questions about the Challenge Group or fitness programs, please contact me. I would be happy to work with you to figure out which program is going to best meet your particular needs and goals.

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