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Chicken Kabobs and Nectarine Salsa

21 May

Chicken Kabobs and Nectarine Salsa I don’t like things that are too complicated.  With a busy mom life, 4 kids, wife and everything else life hands you, I get distracted easily, so the simpler the better!  So here’s a super easy and super healthy recipe that is delish for the whole family! Ingredients Chicken Kabobs […]


19 May

CANCUN, HERE WE COME! Our 2015 Success Club trip will be one for the ages… The Bahamas. Walt Disney World. Caribbean Cruise,  Team Fit Electrified’s  past Success Club trips have been downright legendary. But in 2015, we’re set to boldly go where no Team Beachbody Coach has ever gone before: spectacular Cancun, Mexico! This exclusive trip is […]

5 Morning Habits To Keep You Productive

07 March

5 MORNING HABITS TO KEEP YOU PRODUCTIVE  Do you get side-tracked easily? Do you need a routine to stay on track? What usually derails your to-do list?   Many people work long hours: 40, 50 or even 60 hours each week. But chances are, given distractions like online entertainment, snacking habits and poor  time management, […]

Gift Yourself Health…

17 December

Gift Yourself Health… It can take a year to get rid of the damage you do in a month if you don’t have a coach to keep you on track.  My Christianne Brennan Fitness programs and coaching are guaranteed to get you to your desired shape, state of health, and well-being. You’re not the only one inundated with […]

10 Nutrition Mistakes You Might Be Making- and How to Fix Them!

02 December

How can you lean out? Do you struggle with meal planning? Do you know what to eat to get the desired results you are looking for? We all know our food decisions really do make a difference in our physique. If you have been wondering where your plan is failing you, check out these tips […]

What Do you Think Beachbody Coaching Is?

25 November

   What do you think a Beachbody coach is? And who do you think Beachbody coaches are?  What kind of people are they? Well, since I run into people all the time who really don’t understand what it is and what it’s all about, I thought I would try and clarify things a bit. Where […]