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Himalayan Salt VS. Sea Salt

14 May

Himalayan Salt vs Sea salt/ table salt   Himalayan salt is profoundly amazing. It is 200 Million plus years old and has been nurtured by earth energy and pressure over this time. This ancient sea salt has been alchemized over millions of years into a special energized crystalline form in a process analogous to how […]

Superfoods for Gorgeous Skin

06 May

[subscribe-by-email-form] It’s no secret a healthy diet and act lifestyle does wonders for your appearance. Not only does eating clean help you keep the weight off, but it also enriches your beauty. When you take care of yourself your health radiates from the inside out! Good nutrition naturally nurtures healthy, glowing skin to help keep it free of […]

Team Fit Electrified Challenge Group Details and Registration

17 March

Team Fit Electrified Challenge Details and Registration The Team Fit Electrified Challenge begins once every 2 weeks, on the first and third MONDAY of each month, and is a total of 60 days long! It’s not just a body transformation though… it is going to set you up for long-term success in ALL areas of […]


07 March

FOR THE LADIES! SPORTS BRAS, WORK OUT BRAS, COMPRESSION BRAS! Whatever you want to call them, I’ll give you my BEST tips, advice as well as my #1 suggestion. During your work outs, it is highly important to ensure you are wearing a supportive sports bra, no matter the activity. One thing you have to […]

Matt’s Ultimate Reset Transformation

06 March

Matt’s Ultimate Reset Transformation Chef Matt Cooking his Garlic Veggies Happy Friday!! I always talk about my own personal fitness journey but today I want to introduce you to my Matt!!!!   Today marks the end of his Ultimate Reset experience.  For the last 21 days he has been completely and utterly faithful in following the program to […]

21 Day Ultimate Reset – Save $70 Give Your Body a Spring Cleaning

06 March

Introducing The Ultimate Reset! 21 Day Ultimate Reset- Save $70 Give Your Body a Spring Cleaning   Tired, clogged, and bloated? Get an internal tune-up with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset™ Program! Extract more nourishment from the food you eat, flush toxins and heavy metals from your vital organs and rejuvenate your digestive tract and get ENERGIZED!!!! […]

Les Mills Pump On Sale

06 March

Les Mills Pump On Sale What is LES MILLS PUMP? It’s the at-home version of BODYPUMP®, the extremely popular gym classes created by Les Mills International and taught in 80 countries around the world. This barbell-based rapid weight loss and accelerated strength-training program helps you reshape your entire body using light-to-moderate weights with higher repetitions. […]

The Many Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

01 December

One of the best health benefits we gain from following a raw, living foods diet are the numerous health benefits from chlorophyll. What is Chlorophyll? Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring molecule that gives plants their green color. Chlorophyll is also the molecule that is responsible for facilitating one of the most incredibly miraculous processes on […]

The Scales Aren’t Telling you The Whole Story

24 November

  It’s time to let go of guilt, grab hold of grace, recapture the life God made you for, and then…..live it! Too many times we are so focused on what we are not allowed to do and what we should not eat that we end up feeling deprived, and defeated in both our physical […]

The One Thing Stopping You From Having The Ideal Body You Want

15 November

  If you are anything like me, you have an image of the ideal body that you would like.  Maybe there is a friend, family member, actor, actress, model, or athlete that makes you say, “If I only had their body, then I would be so happy!”  But there always seems to be a litany […]