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7 Day Shakeology Challenge

10 October

  7 Day Shakeology Challenge Anyone interested in doing  7Day Shakeology Challenge with me?…..Ok so I drink Shakeology EVERY DAY but I KNOW how nervous I was to commit to it. I was kinda freaking out that you could only get it ONLINE without trying it first…. Thankfully my friend Alexis was drinking it and […]

Plateaus?- What to do!

06 May

[subscribe-by-email-form] What to do when plateaus happen You’re usually not sure why you’ve hit a plateau; otherwise, you wouldn’t have hit it. Luckily, there are only a few possibilities. You’ve been training too hard. You haven’t been training hard enough. You’re not recovering (includes both eating and sleeping too little). You’re eating too much (or […]

Eating For Your Metabolism

14 March

Eating For Your Metabolism! Why it’s Important.. Read on before you blame your metabolism for all of your problems! Our metabolisms take care of many things in the body other than just burning fat!  It helps build new cells and tissues, circulate blood and regulates body temperature to name a few. Crazy, huh? The metabolism […]

Shakeology As A Post Workout Supplement

04 March

Shakeology as a post workout supplement Whether you’re trotting up the stairs to your apartment after a five-mile jog or pounding out that last set of curls, there is nothing like that post-workout feeling. You’ve busted your tail and now it’s time to relax. Or is it? A little couch time might seem in order, […]

How Shakeology Can Help You Save Money

12 February

On the surface, healthy food may seem “expensive.” However upon further inspection, it can be seen that most everything is expensive these days. Healthy food is actually quite fairly-priced, and Shakeology is no different. Below are some points to illustrate the value of Shakeology and perhaps how using Shakeology daily can actually save you some […]