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Abdominal Fat – Health Threat

05 June

Though the term might sound dated, “middle-age spread” is a greater concern than ever. As people go through their middle years, their proportion of fat to body weight tends to increase — more so in women than men. Extra pounds tend to park themselves around the midsection At one time, we might have accepted these […]

30 Day Coach Mentorship – Key to Financial Freedom

17 March

30 Day Coach Mentorship – Key to Financial Freedom Are you ready to live a life of FREEDOM! Are you ready to be financially set? Do you want to be able to watch your kids grow up without having to send them off to daycare with guilt upon you? Would you like to retire your […]

5 Morning Habits To Keep You Productive

07 March

5 MORNING HABITS TO KEEP YOU PRODUCTIVE  Do you get side-tracked easily? Do you need a routine to stay on track? What usually derails your to-do list?   Many people work long hours: 40, 50 or even 60 hours each week. But chances are, given distractions like online entertainment, snacking habits and poor  time management, […]

Kids And Exercise

07 March

KIDS AND EXERCISE Are your kids part of your fitness routine? Do you need tips for getting your kids physically active? Need help making fitness a family affair?   When most adults think about exercise, they imagine working out in the gym on a treadmill or lifting weights. But for kids, exercise means playing and […]

Matt’s Ultimate Reset Transformation

06 March

Matt’s Ultimate Reset Transformation Chef Matt Cooking his Garlic Veggies Happy Friday!! I always talk about my own personal fitness journey but today I want to introduce you to my Matt!!!!   Today marks the end of his Ultimate Reset experience.  For the last 21 days he has been completely and utterly faithful in following the program to […]


05 March

GET FIT WITHOUT DIETING: TIPS TO EAT RIGHT The simple math to losing off the extra pounds is that you eat fewer calories than you can burn. While many food items contribute to weight gain, there are certain items that can accelerate the fat burn and shed the body weight to help you lose the […]

Beachbody Coaching Opportunity: Changing Life For The Better

05 March

BEACHBODY COACHING OPPORTUNITY: CHANGING LIFE FOR THE BETTER Fitness coaching is all about helping others get in the best shape of life. With the help of Beachbody, even the most ordinary people are making efforts to uphold health and well-being around the community. Enter the Beachbody coaching business and you are on your way to a successful life, […]

Les Mills Combat Overview: Identifying The Benefits

05 March

Less Mills Combat Overview: Identifying The Benefits Les Mills Combat is here to give you an athletic build and warrior’s strength. This amazing workout will get you a carved and muscular body without the use of gym machinery. Here is an overview of Les Mills Combat and its fitness benefits: LES MILLS COMBAT PROGRAM REVIEW: Taken from […]

Beachbody: The 8 Questions That Can Change Your Life!

06 November

  I opened my 60-Day Beachbody Business Coach Mentorship after taking a hiatus. As a result of the announcement, I’ve been fielding tons of emails, Facebook messages, Twitter DMs asking about it. Today I’m sharing with you the “thing” that literally changed my life & the lives of my family by answering the most common questions that […]